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  • Beach teen sex
    Lovely Lady! Nice shots!
    Lamest rccontri ever
    Superb and plz give us more soon!Join the Natural Women Movement
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    Such a pretty face, such amazing breasts, and such an intent look...and thank you for your ideal bum bum ass!!
    I think that pic Four, she is fairly lovely. Like the fact she is not flawless.
    Nude pics please for next post
    wow, fine looking bod
    Absolutely awesome!!!
    A fabulous taunt. A woman does not have to be naked to be a vamp, which you most undoubtedly are. Exotic, gorgeous, playful and delightful one moment, sultry the next. That face could grace the window of a Tuscany villa or steam up a bar in Manhattan.
    Voted for you obviously!!
    good tits. I love a woman that washes the coochie for me to gobble
    she looks like joy. Please more!!!!!
    Supah woman, supreme ass!
    Goedemorgen Karin,Prachtige foto's, een schitterend lichaam ! Hopelijk heb je geen verkoudheid opgelopen ;-) !Groetjes van een Belgisch koppeltje,M & A
    Mighty fine clean-shaved cunny and natural big tits!
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    HELL YEA She's HOT as hell
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    gorgious damsel but why the hell would anyone want a ring pierced down there? looks retarded
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    Polly, Your bum is fantastic. Looks like you need a good spanking to get you heated up.
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    Lovely TA-TA's!
    ultra-cute natural hangers. thanks
    I'd say Superb, but for the fact that there were only Four pics! More, more, more! RLT11256
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    Fuck yea, all your stuff is good!
    Sandra, a model! Honey you can smooch me anytime. Wow honey, you are stunning, very sensuous, hot and erotic. I live in Miami Florida USA, I am an athletic man, an fledgling bodybuilder and I would like to mail you my pictures. By-the-way, I am very horny and I
    Joe & RJ...hit that pound on the head. Too bad grandpa couldn't spend more then $125 and get a duo adorable nymphs, or just one ultra-cute lady sans a spare tire.
    I had to save this one. It is very entertaining on so many levels.
    Patsy, I'll buy you a total bottle of Tequila and hopefully all your clothes will fall off. Interested?
    Gorgeous body! Loved the natural sunlight on your skin....great shots!!
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    that booty is mighty tantalizing, tongue'able and tappable too
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    Amazing, "" truly shows that the dual zero in his moniker is most likely in reference to his SAT scores. I mean he wrote "b@@@@@@@@@@." Now anyone else would have known how to get around things, but this dude is so dimwitted that he made this into a SHEEP joke. Then again, maybe that was intentional . . . that was his last date.
    wow thats a big one! love that massive head!
    You can bring those sweet titties under my tree-I've been a good little boy
    This chick is absolutely awesome. Curvey bod, nice face and wonderful choice of swimsuits. Would like to know her story. Good job by the photog. There are some HoF pics here.
    Wow what a bod, what a look, Brandy you have just got to be English. Please tell us you are?Jefber
    excellent post..
    your wifey seems to be a cunt
    Those are some very blowable nips! Need more pics, more poses.
    Gorgeous big tits biggunz ... Thanks for sharing!
  • Description
    Beach teen sex *** . I shot theese pics at an mature business expo (Porn Convention) last November. The pics are in the sequence in which I shot them. I walked throught the corridor several times, so if you visit a girl you like keep checking back, she'll most likely turn up in a future posting. Lots of the pics feature no nudity, sorry but as my screen name implies I 'm a faceman. They where shot using a Canon G2. It was my first opportunity to use this camera. I shot using all distinct settings from 4mp to 640x480. Several of the pics have faces blued out. They're fellow attendies and I Blued out their faces to protect the guilty ;-)
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