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  • Nudism on the streets
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    Nudism on the streets *** . As we planned this set, we tried to calculate how much cum I've swallowed. I have been sucking cocks since I was about fourteen. I have been doing it regularly since graduating high school (no, I won't say when). Thus, say the average oral ejaculation is all about 0.1 oz, and say I swallow four loads a week, fifty weeks of the year - that is 200 loads a year, or about 20 oz. Times, say, fifteen years, that is 300 ounces, or 9.4 quarts, or about 2.5 gallons! Wow, it really adds up! (Check my mathematics) That means I could have swallowed just as much as ten gallons of semen by the time I am too old to get it! I wonder just how many calories are in cum - it is really sweet sometimes, like sweets!
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