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    enough said!!!!
    Superb! I particularly love the dame on girl! Please flash more.
    Bod nice clothing not so much.
    Is that a .50 S&W snubnose, or are you just not so glad to see me?
    we think you look good enough to us more...please....
    Delicious curves!!Thanks for sharing on your Birthday!!
    excellent very first set !she has a sexy mid section, good tits and a hot sleek fuckbox. would love to see more !!thanks for sharing !
    Se abitassi in Toscana sarei molto contento di conoscerti e...
    Wonderful!!! Love your tits and puffies. So blowable. Would love to see more.redandp
    Bonjour Betty. Superbe femme. Tes seins m'ont donné envie de Hummm. Ca doit être bon de s'y glisser entre. Ce parc, c'est Sérignan ? Suis pres de Montpellier. Bises
    Over 50??? I don't know you so I can't call you a lier, but how much did you arch the truth? The woman has one FINE assets. Would have liked to see her titties, but that is a damm pretty kitty. Wish you posted more. Thank You for sharing, hope to se
    You are Spectacular !!!!!
    You mean these photos look terrible on purpose? Artful? You overcame the purpose of taking them. Attempt again, we will let you do them over.
    Not bad, keep up the good work and that camera snapping! Do you live in south africa?
    mnu100: to share more pictures
    I see brick walls. Are you in prison? is this a congical visit?
    Keep up the good work. More pantyhose please.
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    Showing nudists *** . Dear friend again here, Rome is a great city with many places to go to. Close to the lungotevere Aventino is the small round temple erroneously known as the Temple of Vesta (real is into Roman Foro). In addition, it dates in the end of the II Century and is the earliest marble edifice to survive in Rome. Couples are welcome for vacations and pics. Se qualche altra coppia di ciceroni si vuole aggregare e la benvenuta. Un saluto ad Irene e Riccardo di Torino e advertisement Alessandra e Stefano di Roma (ma dove siete stati fino ad adesso?)
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