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    I've need enough pictures of Shannon modeling underwear! And in the interests of being "nice" I'll put it this way: Please omit photos of her modeling underwear in future contris. Thanks.
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    True nudism *** . Hello, thanks very much for the many nice comments. They convinced us of showing you more. It makes her extremely hot to be exposed nude in the front of you. But we are now living in a tiny city, so we have to confuse her face. Sorry! So please do not hesitate to write down what you believe. Some men desired to see her legs spread. Ok, benefit from the small glance on her vagina. Some desired to see her shaved, other said fine bush. So we're posting this time with bush, along with another time shaved. Okay? In the event you would like to see the vagina in detail, so please write your email-address and your favour appear (shaved /unshaved). So we shall send you a close-up.
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