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  • Nudism pictures family
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    Nudism pictures family *** . Hi all, I 've a issue decideing wether to make this my last post or not, the rationale being that after two posts on freestyle, which gave me a turn on to see the remarks by a number of you, I decided to post a contri to nude beach, but was disapointed when I found fewer opinions, I expected some to be rude and insulting, they could be quite amuseing, but found most to be quite unkind, suggesting I must not bother again and calling me a fat pig ect. I'm not crying about this, if this can be the general opinion of me, I am happy to post no longer, so I leave you all to decide for me, so leave your comment and I 'll read all and make my head up. if I do not post will those of you I deal pics with keep in touch.. xxxxxxxxxx
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