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    This is to all the sameye's out there who think this site can get through with out nakedness. I don't think i'm alone when i say I visit this site for one reason and one reason only! THE Nakedness. When its gone so am I. And if you think a upskirt / cameltoe site is such a fine idea, begin one yourself and see how much money it makes you. I bet none! And recall this, when this NUDE site is gone it will be because all the Non-Nudes brought it down.
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    Nudists boys *** . Hello nude beach! First I would merely like to say thank you to everyone who posted their kind comments on my last two contri's, the "Road Trip" series appeared to be very popular! Will have to do some more of those soon! In this set I start out in a hot black gown that I had bought for an official dinner party and work my way down to nothing from there! These are some of the best pics, no specific reason they only are *LOL*... I like that I still have my piercings, regrettably due to complications I had to take them outside but I did get a couple of awesome pics while they were still in! Appreciate ;-) XOXO,
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